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Training Opportunities

Join the GO GREEN dynamism for smarter growth to bring out the inherent talent skills set in you and become an icon among the best and not leaving the rest behind, ensure others to join the best sooner or later.

What we provide

Get exposed to a focused research in connection to broader goals, amazing facilities, mentoring, and a research ground in a harmonious people environment.

What you provide

Your own expertise & enthusiasm, a piece of response to broad research questions.

What we achieve together

The beginning of a longer term partnership through which excellent and rigorous science cum enlightening future can be accomplished.


Training takes place in the form of short term courses. These would be announced in due course. Over the years we have opted for a longer term training, over periods of 3-6 months to allow real exposure of trainees to plant experimentation. For applying, fill up the form and submit it. We’ll make periodic evaluations and our Learning System Unit (LSU) will contact you.

Cost for long term training would depend on prior relationship with your institution and possible provision for training. Full costing would amount to 500 US$/month without accommodation, 750 US$/month with accommodation in individual room on ICRISAT campus, 1000 US$/month with accommodation in deluxe studio on ICRISAT campus.