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Writing Errors and Data Entry Delays are Things of the Past!

Shifting from paper to digital recording saves a lot of operational time in experimental work....

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Water Uptake - Little at Key Time is Beautiful

Much has been reported on the potential of roots to improve crop yield and resilience...

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APSIM for sorghum and pearl millet

Phenotype Variability => Phenotype Value

Literature is flooded with reports on plant phenotypes which could potentially enhance plant adaptation to...

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Use of SSM model

Want to boost chickpea yield by 40% / to increase legume productivity and don’t know what to do?

Improving yield is often/always hampered by unequalled performance of genetic material across testing locations or...

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Sense and Sensibility

The word of the moment in modern breeding programmes is “high-throughput phenotyping”. We need to...

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Transpiration response to VPD

The Hidden Effect of Temperature

Much of the current research on climate change focuses on the effect of high temperature...

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