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We are here to offer you solutions & services, and we can work on mutual development of new ideas. Contact us, use the services, share the equipment, and get benefited. In particular, students / scholars can come here and utilise our services towards development and betterment of science.




Paid Services


We offer paid services for the Lysimeter facility and the LeasyScan facility, which will give you high throughput phenotypic data, ideal for genetic analysis or pre-screening of breeding progrenies, in a range of crops for which the platforms have been tested and optimised.

  • LeasyScan High-Throughput (HT) phenotyping facility
  • LysiField High-Throughput(HT) Lysimeter platform
  • FERN Lab



Equipment Available


We have equipment that are offered on a sharing basis, including the following:


Developing Ideas Together

The LeasyScan and LysiField platforms are being used to improve our knowledge of plant adaptation to abiotic stresses and to contribute to our breeding efforts. You may have other ideas on possible uses, which you may want to develop with us. Let’s develop those new ideas together!