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Sivasakthi Kaliamoorthy – Trait Dissection

Dr. Sivasakthi Kaliamoorthy   Dr. Sivasakthi Kaliamoorthy is an Associate Scientist, working on phenotyping of sorghum and pearl millet diversity panels for water use and agronomy related traits under well water and water-stressed conditions using lysimeteric facility. Previously, he was a Research Fellow working on phenotyping of stay-green chickpea for water use and agronomical traits. … Continue reading Sivasakthi Kaliamoorthy – Trait Dissection

Hydroponic Growth

Investigation of plant hydraulic characteristics (water transport pathway through aquaporins/apoplast and root hydraulic conductivity) can be done…

Lysimetric Facility

     Why is it important? Lysimetric approach- the innovation How it works Importance to crop improvement Uniqueness of the facility and    relevance to other locations Re-constructing the drought puzzle The two different angles this research led to Further Why is it important? Phenotyping, or measuring key traits of crops such as drought-tolerance, is crucial … Continue reading Lysimetric Facility

Trait Dissection

  Trait Dissection Within team activities, dissection of physiological traits lay the baseline on which all other activities are built. We focus on understanding the range of plant adaptive mechanisms underlying the crop water usage which can potentially contribute to plant production advantage in various drought stress environments. Regulated dry down Transpiration response to VPD … Continue reading Trait Dissection