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Dr. Jana Kholova – Trait Dissection

Dr. Jana Kholova Senior Scientist, Crops Physiology & Modelling In line with global Sustainable Development Goals, Jana Kholová with GEMS team and network of partners contributes to crop improvement efforts in order to enhance the agricultural production quantities and qualities in semi-arid agro-ecological production system (South Asia, West, and Central Africa). She is responsible for … Continue reading Dr. Jana Kholova – Trait Dissection

USAID – Feed the Future Innovation Lab – Climate Resilient Sorghum

The drier parts of the world are where development challenges are the greatest and market failure is most acute, and few if any of these are more urgent than the ‘Sahel’ region of Africa. Its unusual tolerance of low inputs, especially water, make the cereal crop sorghum essential to human populations in the Sahel, where episodic drought is a fact of life. Despite its importance, sorghum improvement has lagged that of maize, wheat and rice, largely if not entirely due to greater effort invested in the ‘Big Three’.

Simulation Modelling

Simulation Modelling Once the reasonable depth of understanding the physiological traits is attained, ultimately, the tool for value/risk assessment of such new technology within target agro-eco-systems is necessary. Reproducing the physiological traits in silico using modelling tools enables probabilistic foresight on mechanistic of physiological traits within the framework of target agricultural production systems and so allows … Continue reading Simulation Modelling