Vincent Garin – Core of GEMS

Dr. Vincent Garin


Vincent Garin is a research fellow working in pearl millet crop modeling, the development of bioinformatics pipelines for the analysis of high-throughput phenotyping data, and the integration of crop modeling with statistical genetics. Originally from Switzerland, Vincent earned a Ph.D. in quantitative genetics from Wageningen University (The Netherlands). Vincent is specialized in the statistical analysis of plant multi-parent populations data like nested association mapping (NAM) or breeding populations in single or multi-environment settings. For that purpose, Vincent programmed the R package mppR. Having a background in social sciences, Vincent is interested in developing a holistic approach to agriculture integrating natural science, socio-economic, and cultural dimensions. This interest motivated him to participate in GEMS team efforts to extend technology on the ground and support tribal farmers. Vincent has also worked as a volunteer for many years in Swiss mountain farms.