Dr. Jana Kholova – Core Gems

Dr. Jana Kholova
Senior Scientist, Crops Physiology & Modelling
In line with global Sustainable Development Goals, Jana Kholová with GEMS team and network of partners contributes to crop improvement efforts in order to enhance the agricultural production quantities and qualities in semi-arid agro-ecological production system (South Asia, West, and Central Africa). She is responsible for integrating the knowledge of plant biological functionalities through high-throughput phenotyping and modeling tools into the inter-disciplinary crop improvement pipelines. Apart from application-oriented research, the GEMS team (www.gems.icrisat.org) conducts the basic research on various aspects of plant biology underlying crop production quantity and quality improvement in collaboration with the top-notch teams all-over the world and so push the limits of current knowledge further.

Her current responsibility lies in delivering upon the objectives of several large research initiatives (e.g. US-AID, Bill&Melinda Gates Foundation) and multiple medium to small national and international projects (http://gems.icrisat.org/projects/). She is responsible for the development of tools, technologies, and protocols to capture the key plant processes useful in cop improvement and simultaneously reflect these into crop model functions to assess their potential value in target production systems with high geospatial precision. Here, we work towards the quantitative characterization of crop production agro-ecologies to target the agricultural technologies to fit the ethno-socio-bio-geo-physical situation of production regions under current and future environmental challenges.

GEMS stronghold dwells in interdisciplinary integrated research, effective & efficient teamwork, strategic collaboration, exploration, and development of new research areas and innovation.

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