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University of Gottingen, Gottingen, Germany.

University of Gottingen, Gottingen, Germany.

Team Involved

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Michaela Dippold

Area of Collaboration

Biochemistry; Bio-physics; Mineral Analysis

Project Involvement

• DST-DAAD Joint Project (2017-2019) • DST-SERB-NPDF (2019-2021) • Robert-Bosch-Foundation;

Why work with them / What was done

The University of Göttingen is an internationally renowned research university. Found in 1737 in the age of Enlightenment, the University is committed to the values of social responsibility of science, democracy, tolerance, and justice. Biogeochemistry of Agroecosystems team from the University of Göttingen (Jun.-Prof. Dr. Michaela Dippold) is expertise in isotopic studies related to roots and rhizospheric traits on root water uptake. The team aims to understand how the rhizosphere mechanisms are involved in overcoming resource limitations by a cutting-edge multiple isotope labeling approach (D2O, 15N, 33P, and 13C) combined with molecular marker analysis, which permits the tracing of nutrient and water fluxes in the rhizosphere in-situ. In addition, this team is expertise in the quantification of soil nutrients like phosphorus. At present, ICRISAT collaborates with the University of Göttingen for studies on the estimation of phosphorus content in different plant organs and soil samples.