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Team Involved

William Palmer, Felicity Fraser

Area of Collaboration

Mobile NIRS & Raman spectroscopy-based solutions for crop phenotyping

Project Involvement

AVISA (please check with Sunita/Jana if this can be mentioned there)

Why work with them / What was done

  Hone, previously known as RapidPhenotyping, is a company based in New South Wales, Australia, deliver cost-efficient, high-throughput, handheld devices that can instantly analyze the chemical composition of plants and foods. Hone focuses on bringing NIRS- and Raman spectroscopy-based solutions to crop phenotyping, plant breeding, and online agricultural monitoring of crops and soils.  Team GEMS is working with Hone to explore the innovative technology and test the high-precision portable models for quantifying grain and fodder quality in crops of semi-arid tropics.