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UAV phenotyping

  [smartslider3 slider=9]                                                                     UAV Phenotyping Globally, agriculture is witnessing significant technological advancement, best exemplified by the Agriculture 4.0 movement. India, one … Continue reading UAV phenotyping

Farm Participatory

[smartslider3 slider=7]   Research stream: Farmer participatory research is the budding research stream within the GEMS team that fosters collaboration with the socio-economists and so aligns with ICRISAT’s vision to deliver research for impact. Following the work path of understanding the production environments (E) and finding the suitable agronomic (M) and genetic (G) interventions to … Continue reading Farm Participatory

ICRISAT Modelling

Crop Modelers Dr Peter Carberry Peter Carberry is an Australian national. He received his PhD in Agriculture from the University of Sydney. Before joining ICRISAT, Peter was Chief Research Scientist and Partnership Leader (CSIRO-DFAT Africa Food Security Initiative), Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), Australia. His expertise is in crop physiology and in the … Continue reading ICRISAT Modelling


Feedback Thank you for visiting the crop physiology lab @ ICRISAT for your recent meeting / training. We hope it was a positive experience for everyone involved! Whether it is something we are doing well or something that you feel we could improve upon, we would appreciate receiving your feedback. For your convenience, we have … Continue reading Feedback

Contact Us

Dr. Jana Kholova Senior Scientist – Crop Physiology Laboratory Theme Leader – System Analysis for Climate Smart Agriculture Research Program on Innovation Systems for Drylands (RP-ISD) ICRISAT, Patancheru 502324 Telangana– India +91 40 3071 3373     Dr.Sunita Choudhary Scientist – Crop Physiology Laboratory System Analysis for Climate Smart Agriculture Research Program on Innovation … Continue reading Contact Us


LeasyScan Phenotyping Platform The past twenty years has seen a revolution in the genomics tools, driven by technology and leading to an increase in knowledge of genetics of more and more crops. There is now a consensus that phenotyping has become the main bottleneck to make use of the huge genomics information. Technologies have recently … Continue reading LeasyScan

Lysimetric Facility

     Why is it important? Lysimetric approach- the innovation How it works Importance to crop improvement Uniqueness of the facility and    relevance to other locations Re-constructing the drought puzzle The two different angles this research led to Further Why is it important? Phenotyping, or measuring key traits of crops such as drought-tolerance, is crucial … Continue reading Lysimetric Facility

Protocols and Data Analysis

Protocols and Data Analysis Here the idea for each of the item is to give a concise and precise description of the method and the different steps used. It may involve an hyperlinking to a paper where the protocol is used and described well. It will also simply describe the equipment that are needed (may … Continue reading Protocols and Data Analysis

Training Opportunities

Join the GO GREEN dynamism for smarter growth to bring out the inherent talent skills set in you and become an icon among the best and not leaving the rest behind, ensure others to join the best sooner or later. What we provide Get exposed to a focused research in connection to broader goals, amazing facilities, mentoring, … Continue reading Training Opportunities

Molecular Physiology

  Molecular Physiology Basic research using the tools of molecular biology enables us to investigate the physiological traits of interest up to the level of gene variability and expression in selected germplasm. Since far, we mainly focus on characterization of genes & gene expression related to cellular water channels (aquaporins) in our mandate crops. Aquaporins … Continue reading Molecular Physiology