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Trait Dissection

Within team activities, dissection of physiological traits lay the baseline on which all other activities are built. We focus on understanding the range of plant adaptive mechanisms underlying the crop water usage which can potentially contribute to plant production advantage in various drought stress environments.


Chickpea genotypes contrasting for seed yield under terminal drought stress in the field differ for traits related to the control of water use

Functional Plant Biology, 2011

Mainassara Zaman-Allah, David M. Jenkinson, Vincent Vadez

Root Hydraulic : The Forgotten side of roots in drought adaptation

Field Crops Research, April, 2014

Vincent Vadez


Terminal drought-tolerant pearl millets [Pennisetum glaucum (L.) R. Br.] have high leaf ABA and limit transpiration at high vapour pressure deficit

Journal of Experimental Botany Advance Access, February, 2010

Jana Kholova, C. T. Hash, P.Lava Kumar, Rattan S. Yadav, Marie Kocova and Vincent Vadez