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Probability of Temperature Exceedance in Chickpea during Flowering Period at its Threshold Temperature ( Heat Stress) in India

File Name : CHICKPEA Weather Data Owner : India Meteorological Department Weather Data Collector : India Meteorological Department GIS Shape File : Pearl millet TE yield germplasm growth Guide : Dr.Vincent Vadez/ Dr.Jana Kholova Processed Map Developed by : Dharani Suresh Marksim /Apsim : No model is used Crop : Chickpea Description : The map … Continue reading Probability of Temperature Exceedance in Chickpea during Flowering Period at its Threshold Temperature ( Heat Stress) in India

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Dr. Vincent Vadez Principal Scientist – Crop Physiology Laboratory Theme Leader – System Analysis for Climate Smart Agriculture ICRISAT, Patancheru 502324 Telangana– India 04030713463 Dr. Jana Kholova Scientist ICRISAT, Patancheru 502324 Telangana– India 04030713373 Crop Physiology Laboratory Building No: 302, System Analysis for Climate Smart Agriculture, Innovation System for Drylands (ISD), ICRISAT,Patancheru 502324,Telangana– … Continue reading Contact Us

QTL & Genetics

QTL & Genetics An important aspect in assisting the breeding programs involves generating the knowledge on genetic determination of traits of potential economic value. Once the information on relevant physiological mechanisms is transformed into the network of underlying genomic regions – quantitative trait loci (QTL) – and interactions of these QTLs are understood, such knowledge … Continue reading QTL & Genetics


Phenotyping After the given plant phenotype is reasonably understood and the potential economic value of the phenotype assessed in silico, ultimately, the tools enabling massive screening of such phenotype is inevitable to assist the breeding programs. To encounter the typical breeding population size and screen for the phenotype relevant for crop production improvement in target … Continue reading Phenotyping

Simulation Modelling

Simulation Modelling Once the reasonable depth of understanding the physiological traits is attained, ultimately, the tool for value/risk assessment of such new technology within target agro-eco-systems is necessary. Reproducing the physiological traits in silico using modelling tools enables probabilistic foresight on mechanistic of physiological traits within the framework of target agricultural production systems and so allows … Continue reading Simulation Modelling

Trait Dissection

Trait Dissection Within team activities, dissection of physiological traits lay the baseline on which all other activities are built. We focus on understanding the range of plant adaptive mechanisms underlying the crop water usage which can potentially contribute to plant production advantage in various drought stress environments. Regulated dry down Transpiration response to VPD Plant … Continue reading Trait Dissection

Dr. Sunita Choudhary

Dr. Sunita Choudhary Visiting Scientist Team 100% Main Areas of Research Drought stress-High atmospheric evaporative stress-Salinity-C4 cereals