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PHENOSPEX’s next blow in plant phenotyping

PHENOSPEX just accomplished a new installation at ICRISAT in Central India and upgraded ICRISATs semi-field LeasyScan phenotyping platform with 1.500 gravimetric FieldScale modules, to asses transpiration dyanmics of each plant in high resolution.

Dr.Vincent Vadez-Phenotyping

Dr.Vincent Vadez Principal Scientist – Crop Physiology Laboratory Theme Leader System Analysis for Climate Smart Agriculture Team 40% 40% 20% 040-30713463


Phenotyping After the given plant phenotype is reasonably understood and the potential economic value of the phenotype assessed in silico, ultimately, the tools enabling massive screening of such phenotype is inevitable to assist the breeding programs. To encounter the typical breeding population size and screen for the phenotype relevant for crop production improvement in target … Continue reading Phenotyping

Ms. M. Tharanya – QTL & Genetics

Ms. M. Tharanya Research Fellow Teams 40% 30% 10% 20% Main Areas of Research Physiology of water saving traits and Phosphorous use efficiency in sorghum and Foxtail millet. University Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirapalli-620024, Tamilnadu

Mr. Sivasakthi Kaliamoorthy – QTL & Genetics

Mr. Sivasakthi Kaliamoorthy Research Fellow Teams 40% 30% 10% 20% Main Areas of Research Physiological and molecular mechanisms related to water use traits in chickpea University Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirrappalli-620024, Tamil Nadu