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ICRISAT Modelling

Crop Modelers Dr Peter Carberry Peter Carberry is an Australian national. He received his PhD in Agriculture from the University of Sydney. Before joining ICRISAT, Peter was Chief Research Scientist and Partnership Leader (CSIRO-DFAT Africa Food Security Initiative), Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), Australia. His expertise is in crop physiology and in the … Continue reading ICRISAT Modelling

Ms. Dharani S-modelling

Ms. Dharani S Programmer Team 100% Main Areas of Research System modelling, GIS, Data Science.

Mr. William Nelson-modelling

Mr. William Nelson Research Scholar Team 100% Main Area of Research intercropping and resource use efficiency, crop modeling (APSIM) University Goettingen University, Germany Nationality: British

Mr. Amir Hajjarpoor-modelling

Mr. Amir Hajjarpoor Intern Team 100% Main Areas of Research Crop Simulation and Modeling -Simulation of Climate Change Impact on Crop production – Estimating of Potential Yield and Yield Gap of crop University Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources Nationality Iranian

Mr. Seyyedmajid Alimagham-modelling

Mr. Seyyedmajid Alimagham Intern Team 50% 50% Main Areas of Research Modelling (chickpea, leaf expansion) University Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources Nationality Iranian

Ms. Madina Diancoumba-modelling

Ms. Madina Diancoumba Research Scholar Team 80% 20% Main Areas of Research Combining screening methods and system modeling to identify climate smart sorghum packages for West Africa in the phase of dwindling water resources. University Universite des Sciences, des Techniques et des Technologies de Bamako, Country Mali Nationality Malian

Simulation Modelling

Simulation Modelling Once the reasonable depth of understanding the physiological traits is attained, ultimately, the tool for value/risk assessment of such new technology within target agro-eco-systems is necessary. Reproducing the physiological traits in silico using modelling tools enables probabilistic foresight on mechanistic of physiological traits within the framework of target agricultural production systems and so allows … Continue reading Simulation Modelling

Subhash Babu Degala

Subhash Babu Degala Senior Programmer(ISD) Team 10% 80% 040 – 30713373