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LeasyScan Phenotyping Platform The past twenty years has seen a revolution in the genomics tools, driven by technology and leading to an increase in knowledge of genetics of more and more crops. There is now a consensus that phenotyping has become the main bottleneck to make use of the huge genomics information. Technologies have recently … Continue reading LeasyScan

PHENOSPEX’s next blow in plant phenotyping

PHENOSPEX just accomplished a new installation at ICRISAT in Central India and upgraded ICRISATs semi-field LeasyScan phenotyping platform with 1.500 gravimetric FieldScale modules, to asses transpiration dyanmics of each plant in high resolution.

M. Srikanth – Core of GEMS

M. Srikanth Special Project Technician Research Work Monitoring physiological experiments in field, LeasyScan, and glass house in cereals